Food and Social Change

The Sociological Review


Food and Social Change: Culinary elites, contested technologies, food movements and embodied social change in food practices

This Monograph collects a variety of articles that analyze social change through food. By focusing on food, they explore transformations at the level of structures and institutions, groups and social movements, and the role of both elite and grassroots agents, thereby explaining complex social dynamics. 

Offering a mix of country-specific case studies and engaging with key concepts and discussions, this Monograph covers social change in nutritional transitions over large historical periods; in renewed processes of nation-building and through food cultures; in disputes over food risks and the legitimacy of knowledge in food politics; in the transformation of food and nutrition into medicines; in social movements and social innovations that expand concepts of justice to include food justice; in the raising consciousness of social, cultural, historical, and environmental impacts of everyday culinary practices, which might lead to emergent changes in values and cultures; and in the transformation of food practices as self-care and lifestyle. The collection is purposefully multi-disciplinary, bringing together scholars from sociology, anthropology and multi-disciplinary fields such as gender studies, STS, and collective health.

A collective endeavor towards a global sociology of food is still a major challenge. This Monograph takes a few steps in this direction, by inviting contributions from, with, and about the Global South, exploring food worldwide and in diverse socio-political contexts.

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