TERF Wars: Feminism and the fight for transgender futures

The Sociological Review


The emergence of trans-exclusionary movements raises many questions for feminism and transgender studies. Challenging the framing of ‘transgender activists versus feminists’, this bold collection engages with both historical and contemporary hostility within and across trans/feminist movements. It examines the politics of trans, feminist, and trans-exclusionary movements, and imagines a future of collaboration, rather than conflict.

This book delivers a range of essays on topics including sex, gender ideology, education, community mobilisation, autogynephilia, ‘rapid-onset’ gender dysphoria, detransition, migration, sex work, and public toilets. The authors examine questions of solidarity and difference from European, African, North and South American perspectives, emphasising the intertwined, intersectional politics of gender, sexuality, disability, and race that shape our lives. Together they rigorously unpack topics that have been subject to popular misinformation and moral panic, to inform lines of feminist inquiry that are emancipatory for all.

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